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Orchestration Platform

myvem is the cloud platform that lets you monitor information from different systems, applications and sources all in one place

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myvem is the cloud service orchestration platform that allows you to monitor and manage technology complexity.
It integrates information from different systems, applications and sources within a single environment.
myvem offers a single point of access to 24/7 services, allows you to manage both daily operations and troubleshooting, and provides valuable support for strategic decision making.

From monitoring to event management, from documentation to asset management, from data protection to IT management, through to data center infrastructure, and cabling: myvem manages your entire technological infrastructure.

Why myvem?

A single point
of access

A fully managed

Agile and rapid implementation

A certified support

ISO 9001
and ISO 27001 certification

A multi-channel
alert system

Data is always accessible
and can be easily exported

Service contracts
Tickets managed/year
Physical assets managed
Events proactively managed
Tickets resolved without escalation

A platform for managing technology complexity

Here are the main features of myvem

MyVem Data center infrastructure & cabling


With myvem, you can monitor networks, IT infrastructure, security devices, data centers, facilities and OT systems.

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MyVem Data center infrastructure & cabling

Data center infrastructure & cabling

myvem helps you to monitor real-time and historical data on energy usage and efficiency, environmental parameters, lighting, PDUs and other specific data center infrastructure elements, as well as documenting cabling and electrical connections.

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MyVem Event management

Event management

With myvem, you have a single environment that can collect events generated by the monitoring module, by individual devices that cannot be monitored directly, or by third-party platforms.

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MyVem Data management

Data management

Monitor the results of backup operations, collect and manage network and security device configurations, and identify any vulnerabilities of your assets, to ensure safe recovery in the event of a fault or compromised data.

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MyVem IT Governance


myvem offers a document management system that helps you to satisfy regulatory requirements regarding data protection.

How it works
MyVem Documentazione


The platform provides a centralized repository that you can share with VEM and with your colleagues. Here, you can store all information you need to manage your infrastructure.

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MyVem Asset management

Asset management

With myvem, you can survey all of your infrastructure hardware and software and keep track of asset maturities.

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MyVem Service desk

Service desk

Access managed services: open tickets, check processing status, view active contracts, talk to support and express your degree of satisfaction.

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You manage your business.
We manage your technology.

In addition to the myvem orchestration platform, VEM provides you with the best skills and unparalleled, highly specialized support of the NOC (Network Operation Center): experience, technology, Network & System Management services. The NOC becomes a natural extension of your internal IT systems, even integrating with your processes and CO-SOURCING of IT systems.



24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the NOC provides services to manage the IT infrastructure of VEM customers.
Its operation is based on common standards and best practices, to guarantee quality parameters agreed with you in advance.
At its core is a constant focus on continual service improvement.


Advanced connection, monitoring, diagnostic and analysis tools enable operators to intervene reactively and proactively in the management of running systems. In just a few seconds, operators can access the management interfaces of the technological components in use within your infrastructure.
Data and information, continual ticket updates, and capacity and performance analyses are available through the myvem portal.


What makes our NOC and the way it operates unique are the VEMmers: specialized technicians who are passionate about the technologies we support: from Cisco to NetApp, from VMware to Citrix, from Check Point to Fortinet, from Schneider Electric to Microsoft.

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